Welcome to iTableTennis Albany Table Tennis in Berkeley


Etiquette: All players are responsible for their own good behavior  and all players are encouraged to help new players get into the etiquette of iTT Albany and of table tennis in general. We should be proud of being active members of a gentleman sport. Please act accordingly.

Equipment: All equipment is international top of the line and all players are encouraged to take good care of this. Do not hit, kick or in other ways punish other players, tables, barriers, walls, or paddles for not being cooperative with your ambitions on a given point. Should you damage iTT Albany property, we will have to keep you financially responsible for the damage (the claim can never precede the value of the damaged equipment).

Balls: iTT Albany provides balls for free for all members, which is unusual for a table tennis club. However, should you be unlucky and step on a ball, or in other way destroy it, we ask you to donate 25 cents to a new one in the “Ball Box”. This is less than the actual cost of the ball, but will help cover the expenses, and hopefully help to make people more aware and careful with the balls. Please check your pockets for balls before you go home, and do not bring any home for any reason. Violators will have their balls removed.

Shoes: Only indoor shoes with white or neutral soles are to be used. Our red floor is top of the line and internationally approved (the same as at the World Cup and Olympics), so we ask you to please be good to it. No high heels, no black soles, and no other footwear that any coach or member of management at iTT Albany finds inappropriate. If you do not have indoor shoes, iTT Albany provides this in the equipment shop, or you are welcome to play in your socks for this session. Then please bring appropriate footwear next time.

Private Lessons: All private lessons are to be scheduled in advance (but we can fill up with a very short notice if there are spots available). However, as you are booking a coach for the hour, your booking is valid unless cancelled 24 hours in advance. This means that your private fee will be claimed even if you do not show up for your lesson, as you have booked the time and the coach (who then cannot take in other private lessons). We ask for your understanding of this, and hope that it will not be necessary. All cancellations should be received 24 hours in advance on

Coaches: All coaches of iTT Albany have the authority to make final decisions, and all final decisions must be followed by any player. No exceptions.